Withdrawals - SAGE 110

Student-Initiated Withdrawals (Dropping all classes)

Undergraduate Students must meet with a staff member in Sage 110 to complete their withdrawal. During the meeting students will:

  • Be advised of implications for withdrawal.
  • Be informed of any obligations they may have with UNT or need to fulfill prior to withdrawing.
  • Complete Financial Aid documents & Exit Counseling (as applicable).
  • Complete the withdrawal form & other documents (as applicable).

Graduate Students are required to complete the University Withdrawal Form & Financial Aid documents (as applicable) in order to withdraw.

Students enrolled in ONLINE COURSES ONLY may request the withdrawal form by emailing deanofstudents@unt.edu. Students should fax the University Withdrawal Form to the Dean of Student’s Office to 940-369-8440 or scan a copy to deanofstudents@unt.edu.

For information on refund deadlines and the detailed academic calendar please visit: http://registrar.unt.edu/registration & https://studentaccounting.unt.edu/class-drop-and-withdrawal-refunds

3w1 Winter Session Important Dates

3w1 Winter Session Dates: Dec. 16-Jan. 10

  • December 15: Last day for 100% refund
  • December 16: Classes start
  • December 16: Last day for 80% refund
  • December 17: Census
  • December 17: Last day for 50% refund
  • January 7 at 5pm: Last day to drop a course
  • January 7 at 5pm: Last day to withdraw (drop all classes)