Food Pantry


The University of North Texas is taking action to address food insecurity among its students, and is doing so with a vision of partnership and community building. The Dean of Students Office has established a pantry that will provide an accessible on-campus food source for students in need. The food pantry launched at the start of the spring 2015 semester and is currently housed in Crumley Hall.

Who It Serves

Any current UNT student in need can visit the Food Pantry 10am-7pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm on Fridays during the long semesters. Student can get in through the back door near the loading docks. Students who visit the food pantry can request to meet with a staff member to discuss any difficulties they may be facing. When appropriate, referral to additional campus and/or community resources will be made. The Dean of Students Office has established protocols that allow for student confidentiality and dignity to be maintained. There is also a pantry located at the Discovery Park in Room A160 next to the College of Engineering-Office of the Dean, which is open Mon-Fri 8am-5pm. There is also a Food Pantry located at UNT's New College at Frisco, which can be accessed by visiting the information desk.


Donations are accepted at the Food Pantry location in Crumley Hall Monday-Thursday, 10am-7pm and Fridays from 10am-5pm. Targeted items needed include:

Pasta Sides Fruit Snacks Canned Fruit Instant Rice Pudding Cups
Mashed Potatoes Fruit Cups Chef Boyardee Canned Tuna Muffins
Boxed Cereal Microwave Popcorn Chili Crackers Toiletries
Oatmeal Canned Vegetables Canned Beans Granola Bars Hygiene Products

Additionally, partnerships have been established with various departments throughout the UNT campus to secure monthly donations. These units will conduct canned food drives within their departments and will donate items to the UNT Food Pantry during their designated month. The vision is for the UNT community to take a collective approach in addressing student hunger and take pride in the fact that together we can ensure that no student’s success is compromised because of food insecurity.


Any questions regarding the UNT Food Pantry should be directed to the address

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