Respondent Advisors & Peer Advocates

Being accused of misconduct can be stressful. It may be the first time some students encountered a formalized disciplinary process. Having a good support person can lessen anxiety and help students better prepare to represent themselves in the conduct process. UNT allows and encourages students to get assistance and support in the conduct process. The Code of Student Conduct calls a support person who attends conduct meetings with a student an advisor. Advisors can help a student prepare ahead of a meeting. They can be present at a meeting to provide support and encouragement. They can help a student talk about what happened after a meeting is over and clarify questions and next steps.

Respondent Advisors

Anyone can be an advisor: A trusted friend, a parent, an instructor, a student group advisor, or an attorney (at a student’s own expense). UNT faculty and staff can volunteer to serve as a respondent advisors. Respondent advisors receive training from DOS and the Title IX Coordinator, and are prepared to assist respondents who are accused of sexual assault, sexual misconduct, relationship violence, and stalking. Respondent advisors are trained on the conduct process for investigating and adjudicating these allegations, and also know about resources at UNT such as counseling for students who are anxious or distressed.


Contact the Dean of Students Office (940.565.2648, to receive a current list of trained respondent advisors.

Peer Advocates

Allie LozanoNathan Cooper

The UNT Peer Advocates are students and part-time employees of the Dean of Students Office. They provide free, private consultations to students to help them prepare for conduct meetings and can answer questions about the conduct process. Peer Advocates can help students with prepare for a DOS conference or committee review, answer questions about sanctions imposed through the conduct process, explain options to request a review of a conduct decision, and make referrals to UNT resources.

Peer Advocates also provide outreach and programming to students and student groups. Call the Dean of Students Office (940.565.2648) to schedule an appointment to speak with a Peer Advocate.