Student-Initiated Withdrawals (Dropping ALL Course(s) from a Session)

If your session has not yet started, please contact the Registrar's Office (940.565.4463) to cancel your course(s).

During the summer semester, students wishing to withdraw must visit the Dean of Students Office (Stovall Hall 150) to complete the Summer Withdrawal Form. Any student receiving summer Financial Aid must also complete online Financial Aid documents in addition to the Withdrawal Form.

Students enrolled in ONLINE courses ONLY may request the withdrawal form by emailing deanofstudents@unt.edu.
Students should fax the University Withdrawal Form to the Dean of Student’s Office to 940-369-8440 or scan a copy to deanofstudents@unt.edu.

For information on refund deadlines and the detailed academic calendar please visit: http://registrar.unt.edu/registration & https://studentaccounting.unt.edu/class-drop-and-withdrawal-refunds



Summer 2015 Withdrawal Deadlines



May 28, Thursday

3W1: Last Day to Withdraw

June 18, Thursday

8W1: Last Day to Withdraw

July 1, Wednesday

5W1: Last Day to Withdraw

July 9, Thursday

8W2: Last Day to Withdraw

July 21, Tuesday

10W: Last Day to Withdraw

August 5, Wednesday

SUM: Last Day to Withdraw

August 5, Wednesday

5W2: Last Day to Withdraw

FALL 2015 - PRIOR to August 24, students wanting to drop all FALL classes must do so through the Registrar's Office (ESSC, first floor). This is considered a cancellation of classes and does not require you to complete the withdrawal process through the Dean of Students Office.