Student-Initiated Withdrawals (Dropping ALL classes)

Starting on the first day of class, students who wish to withdraw must do so in person in the Dean of Students Office located in Stovall Hall (STUB) 150. (See deadlines below)


Undergraduate students must meet with a staff member to complete their withdrawal. During the meeting students will:

  • Be advised of implications for withdrawal.
  • Be informed of any obligations they may have with UNT or need to fulfill prior to withdrawing.
  • Complete student financial aid & scholarships documents & exit counseling (as applicable).
  • Complete the withdrawal form & other documents (as applicable).


The meeting with a staff member is optional for graduate students. Nonetheless, graduate students are required to complete the university withdrawal form & student financial aid & scholarships documents (as applicable) in order to withdraw.


Students enrolled in ONLINE COURSES ONLY may request the withdrawal form by emailing deanofstudents@unt.edu. Students should fax the university withdrawal form to the Dean of Student’s Office to 940-369-8440 or scan a copy to deanofstudents@unt.edu.*

For information on refund deadlines and the detailed academic calendar please visit: http://registrar.unt.edu/registration & https://studentaccounting.unt.edu/class-drop-and-withdrawal-refunds


Spring 2015 Withdrawal Deadlines



January 19, Monday

Last Day for 100% Refund of Tuition

(cancellation of classes)

January 20, Tuesday

First Day of Classes

First Day to Withdraw (DOS Office)

January 26, Monday

Last Day for up to 80% Refund of Tuition

February 2, Monday

Last Day for up to 70% Refund of Tuition / Census Date

February 9, Monday

Last Day for up to 50% Refund of Tuition

February 16, Monday

Last Day for up to 25% Refund of Tuition (no refund after 9/22/14)

March 2, Monday

Last Day for Auto-W

April 7, Tuesday

Last Day to drop A course (keeping others) with either a W or a WF – Drop form submitted to Registrar’s Office

April 24, Friday

Last Day to Withdraw (drop all classes) A grade of W or WF will be assigned.